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“Big Oil Don’t Surf” Campaign for Patagonia

Working with the team at Patagonia, we created a graphic print ad for their “Big Oil Don’t Surf” campaign, which highlighted the threat that offshore oil spills presently pose to American coastal communities.

Via Patagonia: The Trump administration wants to open almost all of America’s coastline to the oil industry, putting our beaches and oceans at serious risk.

Fifty years ago, an offshore rig spilled 100,000 barrels of crude oil into California’s Santa Barbara Channel, creating a 35-mile slick that fouled the wave-rich shoreline from Goleta to Ventura.

It should have been the end of offshore oil in the United States, but Big Oil don’t surf, and the industry has always been more concerned about its own profits than the damage done to America’s waves, waters and marine wildlife. So our oceans keep suffering—and not just from high-profile spills like Santa Barbara in 1969, the Deepwater Horizon in 2010, and Refugio in 2015. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, “thousands of oil spills occur in U.S. waters each year,” and there have been 44 spills over 10,000 barrels each since the Santa Barbara catastrophe first brought offshore oil into the public eye.


Graphic Design


Creative Director: Mary Jo Thomas